Oregon Coast Sand Dunes Park

Things to Do in Oregon Include a Visit to the Dunes

Things to do in Oregon include visiting the Oregon Coast sand dunes and some local attractions. The Oregon Coast sand dunes park offers fun for everyone.

The Oregon Coast sand dunes have long been a favorite of visiting families. Adults and kids alike flock to the Oregon Dunes Recreational Area throughout the summer months. The Oregon Coast sand dunes offer hours of fun and miles of peaceful desert-like views. There are many things to do on the Oregon Coast and nearby attractions are easily slotted into a busy day that includes the sand dunes park.

Learn More before Visiting the Oregon Coast Sand Dunes

Visit the Oregon Coast sand dunes for 40 miles of windswept sand dunes. The sand dunes park stretches from Florence to Coos Bay, Oregon. Rock, wind, and water all play a role in the ongoing evolution of the Oregon Coast sand dunes [1]:

  • The sand started out as sedimentary rock in the Oregon Coast Mountain Range and over time, moved downstream through rivers and turned into sand.
  • Summer winds from the north are buffered by coastal mountains, turning the dunes into natural sculptures. More intense winds during the winter months reshape and formulate the sand dunes, so each visit to the Oregon park offers new things to do and see.
  • The ocean also plays a role in shaping the sand dunes park. The ocean currents push river sediment into the sand dunes. The current also works with the tide and the wind to move additional sand from the ocean onto the dunes.

Things to Do at the Sand Dunes Park in Oregon

There are multiple things to do at the sand dunes park in Oregon.

  • The variety of ecosystems at the sand dunes park includes several beaches and lakes for sunbathing, swimming and boating.
  • ATVs and dune buggies are available for rent at numerous locations throughout the region.
  • Hiking, water-skiing, horseback riding and fishing are just a few of the things to do at the Oregon Coast sand dunes park.

Oregon Coast Attractions near the Sand Dunes Park

In addition to the sand dunes park, there are a number of Oregon Coast attractions to see in the area.

  • Florence, Oregon boasts an alluring Old Town, full of restaurants (including historic Mo’s), stores, and sweets shops. Old Town is set on the bay, so sea lion watching in between sips of local beers and bites of fresh seafood reigns supreme.
  • Oregon Coast attractions in Reedsport, in the middle of the sand dunes park and 20 miles south of Florence, offer plenty of fun for visitors. The Umpqua Discovery Center in Reedsport is an interactive natural and cultural center that provides visitors with information about the history of the Oregon Coast.

The drive from Portland to Florence takes about three and a half hours; driving to the sand dunes park in Florence from Eugene takes about an hour and a half.

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