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Portland Saturday Market

The Portland Saturday Market, which has been open since 1974, is the country’s largest continuously operating outdoor arts and crafts market. The Market, located in Portland’s historic Old Town, is a popular shopping destination for local handcrafted goods. “The mission of the Portland Saturday Market is to provide an environment that encourages the economic and […]

Oregon Day Trips from Portland

Best Portland Oregon Day Trips You should have plenty of ideas for day trips from Portland, but if you’re looking for a little Portland road trip excursion, we have some more suggestions for you as well. There is no shortage of things to do in the city. Hiking, camping, beach fun… you name it. Some […]

Tours in Oregon

Oregon is a beautiful state and an incredible vacation spot. The states diverse geography allows for all different types of vacations and sightseeing tours. There are stunning stretches of coastlines, vibrant cities, and dense forests. Oregon has plenty of outdoor fun to be had and there are many things to see and do. Visitors can […]

Car and Caravan Rentals in Oregon

Renting a car or caravan in the state of Oregon does not present any significant issues that are specific to the state. When renting one, the problem is less “finding” a place to rent as it is deciding on which way you should go. In fact, this decision can have a major impact on your […]

Flying to Oregon

Oregon Airports Flying to Oregon offers you quite a lot of different options. Deciding on which option you want to take will depend largely upon where you want to visit. The larger, more well-developed areas of the state have very easy access to international and national airlines and large airports. The less-developed parts of the […]

Hotels in Oregon

Nearly every major hotel chain in the United States can be found throughout the state of Oregon. This means that you will never have to worry about finding a place to stay during your trip. However, you should still look ahead of time to see what hotels are in the areas you will be visiting. […]

Shopping in Oregon

In Oregon, you will find an interesting mixture of comfortable brands and unique local goods. You won’t just find local retail locations of major stores here. You will also sometimes find yourself shopping in the flagship store of some of the most prominent shopping brands in the United States. This is because a number of […]

Visiting The Pacific Northwest

Oregon isn’t the only place with amazing sights in the Pacific Northwest. In fact, this entire region of the United States has a very wide range of sights and tourist options that can appeal to nearly anyone. With everything from sandy beaches to sweeping mountain ranges and extremely modern cities, the Pacific Northwest has quite […]

Attractions and Theme Parks in Oregon

Oregon has a thriving tourism industry that offers a diverse spectrum of opportunities for any personality type. No matter what you want to experience, chances are very good that you will find exactly what you’re looking for here. Some of the most popular tourist attractions in Oregon are the outdoors. However, there are also a […]

Oregon Facts and Famous People

Oregon is home to a highly diverse population and a more diverse natural landscape. Many famous people have called Oregon their home, and it is the home to several regional, national, and international businesses as well. The history of Oregon is littered with many interesting facts and figures that paint the state in a fascinating […]

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