Silverton Oregon Garden

The Oregon Garden Silverton

Explore a Garden Oasis Located Near Silver Creek Falls

Through educational programs and guided tours, explore how the Oregon Garden showcases native Oregon plants and flowers with spectacular beauty and design.

The Oregon Garden

Take a tour of the Oregon Garden, located near historic Silverton, Oregon. The garden is the masterpiece of decades of ideas and planning by the Oregon Association of Nurserymen. Ideas for the garden began forming in the 1940s, and then finally became reality in the mid-1990s, as the city purchased land designated for the planned botanical garden. The garden is now the destination for weddings, concerts, and other events throughout the year. Make sure to visit the Oregon Garden website for information on “What’s in Bloom” before your visit.

The Oregon Garden is a magnificent place, encompassing more than 20 specialty gardens. The gardens range from water features, forest themes, gardens for children, and home design and gardens used for conservation education. View garden art and water fountains throughout the gardens.

A-Mazing Water Garden

This water garden includes over one acre of ornamental aquatic plants, tropical flowers, and carnivorous plants. The 80-foot water wall is a prominent feature of this garden. Visitors can walk through the maze of ponds, viewing water plants and water-dwelling animals. Koi, bullfrog, herons, and mallard ducks call this garden home.


Created by a partnership with the City of Silverton, the wetland area of the Oregon Garden presents a wonderful demonstration of wetland and water conservation. The city’s treated water flows through the wetland areas and is then used to irrigate the entire garden. The wetlands create a “natural filtration system for recycled water” and have become part of the education program taught in the garden. The SPROut Program, Sustainable Plant Research and Outreach focus study and research on environmental sustainability.

Rose Garden

The rose garden displays some of Oregon’s most beautiful roses. With over 40 varieties to look at, visitors are sure to find their favorite shade of red or sweet fragrance. The rose garden combines rose plants with companion plants, showing visitors what can be done at home in their own garden. Visitors can also walk through the Home Demonstration Garden, to see new ideas for home gardens. Local nurseries maintain the displays, with ever-changing ideas on landscaping presentation.

Signature Oak Tree & Oak Grove

Perhaps the most impressive area of the garden is the 25-acre native oak grove. The grove contains the Signature Oak, a 400-year-old “Heritage Tree.” This area and Rediscovery Forest are used to present much of the garden’s educational programs for children. Children can also tour and take part in the Garden for Kids.

While in the Silverton area, make sure to visit Silver Falls State Park. The park is the largest state park in Oregon, providing 8,700 acres of area to explore. Hike on the Canyon Trail, view 10 waterfalls, ranging from 27 to 178 feet in height. Large grass meadows and picnic benches are available throughout the park, creating gathering areas for barbeque parties and family fun. The brisk creek following through the park creates a cool place during hot summer weather. The park is located about 15 miles southeast of the Oregon Garden.

The Oregon Garden
879 W Main St
Silverton, OR 97381
Phone: (503) 874-8100

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Silverton Oregon Garden

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