Best Oregon Coast Hotels at Cannon Beach

Best Places to Stay on the Northern Part of the Oregon Coast

There are many upscale beautiful inns and hotels in Cannon Beach. This is the best beach for wild beauty because of the beautiful Haystack Rock. Seaside is good for kids.

There are several upscale inns and hotels in Cannon Beach, on the northern part of the Oregon Coast. For cheaper digs, check out Seaside, a few miles away.

Cannon Beach Oregon

Cannon Beach is definitely one of the most beautiful locations on the planet. And, it’s a good laid-back place for enjoying the sound of waves, for running along the wide sandy beach with a dog, or for roasting marshmallows around a campfire.

Both kids and adults love to venture out to seductive Haystack Rock Wildlife Refuge when the tide is out. That’s when people can see the Marine Garden tidepools filled with kelp and animals like:

  • Starfish
  • Tiny crabs
  • Sea Anemones
  • Barnacles
  • Sea Slugs

The whole area around Cannon Beach is just a wonderful place to see ancient and wildland. Except for the hotels and beach houses on the bluff, it’s almost as it was when Native American Indians lived in the area.

Best Time to go to Cannon Beach

It is almost impossible to predict the weather in the Pacific Northwest. Some years the winters are dry and sunny, while other years they have summers that are cool and rainy. On the coast, the summer morning fog usually burns away. So, plan on anything.

August is probably the best time to travel the Oregon Coast, though the other summer months are good, as well. Check out motels, hotels, and inns in the area because Cannon Beach accommodations can fill up fast.

Other good times:

  • Puffin Kite Festival in spring
  • Sandcastle Day in June
  • A Dog Costume Contest in October
  • Cannon Beach is magical when it has: sunny clear days (random) and stormy wild days (usually in winter).

Stephanie Inn

The Stephanie Inn is amazing, and though it is a bit spendy, it’s still cheaper than buying or renting a cabin. And, travelers get that same cabin feel, because the hotel is warm, soothing, and relaxing. Get a massage in the guestroom or feast on yummy Northwest fare.

They do not allow children under 12 y/o.

Tolovana Inn

The Tolovana Inn has an indoor pool and some rooms have kitchenettes, and both are good for families with kids. No one really swims in this part of the ocean except for crazy surfers in drysuits (like wetsuits). Cannon Beach is a fun location for building a sandcastle and waiting for the ocean to knock it down.

This inn is pet-friendly (dog cookies at the front desk) and dogs are an extra $15 per night. Let the staff know when making reservations, as not all rooms are available for pets.

The Inn at Cannon Beach

The Cannon Beach Inn is a beautiful mix of beauty and child/pet-friendliness. Check to see what dates are available. This is a perfect place for grandma to take the kids and grandchildren. Another good hotel that allows children and pets is the Hallmark Inn.

Motels on Oregon Coast

There are several motels at Cannon Beach that get uneven reviews. Vacationers looking for discount lodging and motels may want to investigate Seaside Oregon. Seaside is lovely, but not quite as breathtakingly beautiful as Cannon Beach, however, it is fun, kid-friendly, and the town is a bit bigger.

Seaside has a promenade where kids can ride bikes. It has a place where children can play ski-ball for hours, though some kids would rather play more expensive video games. Don’t forget to buy some yummy salt water taffy. (Author’s granny took her to Seaside every summer.)

These are not the only hotels in the Cannon Beach area, so look around if these aren’t within one’s price range.

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Best Oregon Coast Hotels at Cannon Beach

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