Portland Restaurants

Portland is first and foremost a culinary metropolis, with a plethora of food carts, cellar pubs, and white-tablecloth restaurants. Because of the abundance of local foods and chefs with the talent and vision to make outstanding meals, it has a range of eating options appearing on a regular basis.

Many of Portland’s greatest chefs are embracing the abundant fall harvest by producing pleasant dishes with seasonal squash, apples, kale, currants, persimmons, hazelnuts, and more. We explored the city and selected some of the most welcoming eateries to enjoy.

Quaintrelle and Radar are both turning the best of the fall produce into stunning dishes. Q Restaurant in downtown Portland is filling stomachs with delicious grilled cheese sandwiches and exceptional tomato soup.

Wherever you decide to eat, we recommend sticking with eateries that modify their menus throughout the fall to reflect the greatest seasonal items.

Portland’s restaurants have it all: Filipino, French, and African cuisine, as well as a smattering of quirky, one-of-a-kind food options. Check out the hottest new spots, old favorites, gourmet dining, and budget-friendly options in this carefully curated list of the best restaurants in Portland.


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