Dog Parks in Corvallis, Oregon

Woodland Meadow and Willamette Park Provide Off-Leash Areas

Enjoy the off-leash option of two Corvallis city parks where dogs and dog owners enjoy the freedom to roam in grassy meadows or along the Willamette River watching the birds.

Corvallis, Oregon boasts a great variety of parks and recreational opportunities in the Willamette Valley. Discover several city parks that provide off-leash areas for dogs.

Corl House – Woodland Meadow Park

Located on a grassy hill in north Corvallis, Woodland Meadow Park is a great place for dogs and humans alike. Dog owners have the option of unleashing their dogs for playtime or hiking around the large 33-acre park on pathways. The trails throughout the park consist of compacted dirt, a hard surface devoid of any rocks or obstacles. Dogs can stay on the trail or venture off into the tall grassy areas.

The parking lot is located just off Witham Hill Drive, near the intersection with Circle Blvd. From Circle, Blvd turns right onto Witham Hill Drive and the park is the first right turn, following the Corl House sign. The parking lot is located at the top of the hill, with the park extending below it. Hike the boundary of the park, finding magnificent old oak trees at the bottom of the hill. These trees provide a shaded path and are home to squirrels and birds. Large gray squirrels scurry up trees and blue jays hop from branch to branch. A wide variety of Northwest wildflowers can be found thriving in the meadow.

Dog disposal bags are available at many points along the trails, making it easy for dog owners to pick up after their pets. The trails at Woodland Meadows do require moderate hill climbing involving balancing on the dirt paths. Benches are available closest to the parking lot, where owners can watch their pets play.

Overall, this park is a good place for dogs with lots of room, either for play or walking. The readily available disposal bags is a handy perk.

Willamette Park

Located 2 miles south of Corvallis off Highway 99, is Willamette Park, Corvallis’ largest city park. This beautiful expansive park, containing 287 acres, is situated along the Willamette River, with paved pathways and dirt trails meandering through the parkland. The park includes a picnic area, playground, and sports park. All areas except these are open to dogs off-leash. Dog owners can walk along the frisbee golf course, with a wide gravel road that runs through the area, with room for dogs to roam. Several dog disposal bag reciprocals are located at the beginning and end of the gravel road through the frisbee golf course area.

Wildlife watching is abundant near the river, with waterfowl like ducks and geese and other birds, squirrels, and other animals.

From Highway 99, turn onto Goodnight Avenue. Follow this street until it ends, and turns into Willamette Park. The Willamette River is straight ahead, with the frisbee golf course to the left and the playground and picnic area to the right.

This enormous expanse of land along the Willamette River is a great place for dogs to stretch their legs and feel freedom. With the majority of the park considered off-leash, dog owners and dogs can walk carefree beneath ancient oaks and massive maple trees.

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Dog Parks in Corvallis, Oregon

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