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Beaches And Parks Along Oregon’s Highway 101

Oregon Beaches Pacific Coast Scenic Byway Follows 365 Miles of Spectacular Scenery Packed into almost 400 miles of the most beautiful rugged coastline, are over 1,400 islands, rocks and reefs on some of the most picturesque beaches in North America. Walk barefoot (or swim) amongst gentle waves that lap the Oregon coast. Highway 101 parallels […]

Oregon Wine Destinations

Oregon stands behind only California and Washington as a wine producing state and by number of wineries within a state. The Oregon wine industry was born from the uniqueness of Oregon’s climate, where ocean coastline, rugged mountains, and fertile valleys combine to create a grape growing paradise. The modern Oregon wine industry took root, literally, […]

Oregon Fishing Guides

Do you want to see everything that the Pacific Northwest has to offer? Then arrange a trip with a Professional Guide. There are many options for a guided trip, and selecting a guide can be overwhelming and frustrating at times. Jerre Munson, owner/operator of Takin’ Line Guide Services, is a well-known Oregon fishing guide who […]

Oregon Wine Regions

Oregon has one of the most diverse geo-climates in the world makes it one of the best places to grow several types of grapes for making high quality wines. This makes it possible for vintners to successful grow superb cool and warm-climate varieties within a small region. There are many things that affect the quality […]

Visiting Portland on a Budget

Portland, Oregon, also known as the “Rose City,” is considered the gem of the Pacific Northwest. It is a home to many businesses, self-starters, outdoor enthusiasts and coffee lovers. Located between mountains and coastline, it’s a hub for many famous activities that are both entertaining and financially-friendly. To visit Portland on a budget, consider these […]

12 Fun Things to Do in Portland, Oregon

The largest city in Oregon, Portland is renowned for a variety of things, not least its “weirdness.” For one, it’s one of the world’s most environment-conscious cities and a counterculture hotspot in the United States. This is a city of hipsters and cyclists, nature conservation and sustainable farm-to-fork dining. It has one of America’s best […]

5 Best Beer Hikes in Portland, Oregon

With more than 70 breweries within its city limits, Portland, Oregon can rightly be regarded as one of—if not—the beer capitals in the U.S. The city is also a very outdoor-focused place, with numerous parks and green areas and easy access to amazing nature destinations. It’s therefore a perfect place for hikes and beer. In […]

Best Places To Visit Near Portland, Oregon for Nature Lovers

Top 5 Weekend Getaways & Day Trips from Portland In most cities, you’d have to drive hours to reach the great outdoors. Whether it’s snowboarding or fishing, tons of outdoor recreation and beautiful coastline are right in Portland’s backyard. 30 pound Sturgeon, big Steelhead and Salmon are found in the Columbia River. Fishing is great […]

Smith Rock State Park, Oregon

In the middle of Oregon lies an unlikely place. Here, in the arid plains of the High Desert, a collection of towering rock pillars, formations and cliffs form one of Oregon’s “Seven Wonders.” This is Smith Rock State Park, the birthplace of American sport climbing and one of the reasons that nearby Bend is such […]

Top 7 Oregon State Parks

There may be more than 250 Oregon state parks, covering 109,000 acres, but there are a few that are head and shoulders above the rest. These are the best state parks in Oregon, each and every one of them an awesome destination for outdoor activities, wildlife watching and camping. You’ll notice that many of the […]

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