Portland, OR Restaurant Review: Rovente Pizza

Rovente Pizza on SE Hawthorne at 32nd Pl Raised in an Italian household with plenty of roots back in New York, finding the best pizza in any given town is like a life pursuit. You can search for years without ever finding something that really satisfies, whether you’re used to an old-time family recipe or […]

Portland, OR Restaurant Review: Cup and Saucer Cafe

Cup and Saucer Cafe on SE Hawthorne Blvd. at SE 35th Ave I didn’t realize it at the time mostly because I’ve stuck primarily to my current neighborhood since moving here, but apparently Cup & Saucer Cafe is a bit of a franchise, with two other locations spread around the city. Now, I’m all for […]

PDX Cocktails: History and Recipes for Five Classic Cocktails

Old-Fashioned Cocktail, History, Recipe and the Best in Portland Aptly named, the Old Fashioned is possibly the first cocktail on the books. In fact, the earliest documented definition of the word “cocktail” (dating back to 1806) states that a cocktail is a potent mix of spirits, bitters, water, and sugar—the basic ingredients of what we […]

Restaurant Review: Veggie Grill, Beaverton OR

Veggie Grill on SW Cedar Hills Blvd. in Beaverton Portland, OR Restaurant Review: Veggie Grill in SW Portland, Lunch Plotted along some kind of mathematical equation, I’m sure the chart that documents the flavor development and overall availability of vegan cuisine from the 70s to now is a slow-building, upward-trending line that begins in the […]

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