Joblessness spurs quest to help others

We’ve Got Time to Help is a small but growing organization with the goal of helping people in Portland and the surrounding area. As their blog states, “We are a group of people that have found some extra time on our hands. Most of us have been laid off and are having a tough time […]

Cheap Manure in Portland

If you are an urban gardener as I am, you know the value of manure. It retains moisture, breaks down compacted soil, is rich with nutrients, and works magic in the garden. And who doesn’t want manure that’s ready to use without waiting six to nine months for it to compost? Most of us want […]

Urban Gardening in Portland

Urban gardening is thriving here in Portland and the organization Growing Gardens makes sure low-income Portland residents can enjoy food security by growing organic vegetables in their own yards. The goal of Growing Gardens is to get at the root of hunger by empowering families with the knowledge and experience they need to affordably grow […]

8 Awesome Reasons to Live in Portland

Top Reasons to Move to Portland It’s so easy to forget to value the uniqueness of a community once we’ve lived somewhere a few years. After ten years spent enjoying the magnificence of Alaska, I remember blandly greeting a friend’s wonder with, “Oh, yeah, the eagles. You see them all the time.” Since relocating to […]

Therapy dog provides healing power of fur

It’s a quiet Tuesday and I’m scheduled to meet Zadok, a beautiful eight-year-old Akita, in the front lobby of the Kaiser Sunnyside Medical Center in Clackamas. When I arrive he’s already surrounded by admirers, so I wait for my turn. Zadok’s owner, Julie Burk from Damascus, has graciously allowed me to follow along as she […]

Preferred Downtown Portland Hotels

We are proud to assist you all along your wonderful trip, so Downtown Portland Hotels website enlisted all the useful information you need in order to have a great time. We took care to find out what the best shopping places are, the most appealing restaurants, the best places for fun and relaxation, and we […]

Best Portland Malls and Shopping Outlets

Talk about shopping heaven! Looking for Portland Malls and Shopping Outlets in Portland? There’s plenty to choose from. We also include some major brand stores too. Do you know what the best thing is about shopping in Portland? There’s no sales tax! There are a lot of great places to shop at and to find […]

Portland History

When I recall certain events of Portland History, the first few things that come to my mind are the Lewis and Clark Expedition and the Oregon Trail Migration. What I soon realized is that Portland was almost named Boston way back then. The name was eventually decided on a coin toss. Somewhat ironically, this metropolitan […]

Portland Attractions

Looking for things to do in Portland? Portland is always moving and bustling with lots of activities. Want to grab a bite to eat? Maybe a cool festival is going on this weekend at the waterfront. Go ahead, take a look. Below you’ll find some of our recommendations. There’s plenty of great attractions to check […]

Portland Festivals & Events

Portland Rose Festival & Parade The Portland Rose Festival is an annual event held in early June. Tom McCall Waterfront Park hosts the Pepsi Waterfront Village, offering family entertainment with a carnival atmosphere. The highlight of the 11-day event is the nationally-known Grand Floral Parade, the second-largest all-floral parade in North America. Other Rose Festival […]

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